Nigel's Rover P6 Pages 


My Rover P6B Please click on the thumbnail pictures if you wish to see full size.

Rover P6 parts Close ups of Rover P6 components.

Other Rover P6's Rover P6 pictures in New Zealand.

Technical Information Limited information on fitting a SD1 5 speed gear box to an auto P6.

Rovers P6's going around corners

Welcome to these pages, they are far from complete and I will be updating them as quickly as possible. My name is Nigel de Burgh-Hirabe. I have been involved with P6's for over 20 years,

Rover P6's are well engineered, which makes it very satisfying to carry out repairs and restorations. Almost every repair or restoration task can be performed with a limited amount of knowledge, lots of enthusiasm, a workshop manual and a few basic tools.

Personally I feel the P6 was the last great Rover, with it's technical innovations it really should have been the building block of Rover for the 80's and onwards. I hope you enjoy these pages.

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